Reduce oxidative stress with good nutrition

Juice Plus+ Jan 21, 2019

David Phillips, M.D.

Dr. David Phillips is a former All-American swimmer who specializes in Sports Medicine. In this video, he advises that we should consume more whole food nutrition to reduce oxidative stress – and emphasizes that exercising doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat anything you want.

Dr. Phillips states, “I can't stress enough the critical role that the thousands of phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables play in helping protect our bodies from oxidative stress and free-radical damage – not only as a part of normal metabolism, but especially during exercise.” Athletes tend to focus on macro nutrition by loading on carbohydrates and proteins but Dr. Phillips tells us that micronutrition, which can be found in fruits and vegetables, is equally important for a fitness diet. He sees micronutrients as “the oil that makes your engine run” and explains that the body will break down without it.

Dr. Phillips recommends Juice Plus+® for athletes and people of all physical activity levels for better health and longevity. “Juice Plus+ helps ensure that we are giving our bodies nutrition from the best sources of micronutrients — nutrition that is essential for helping protects us from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.”

Dr. Phillips was an All-American swimmer at Harvard, two-time USA Triathlon All-American (2004 and 2007) and qualified as a member of Team USA for the 2008 ITU World Ironman Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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